Top 7 Tips on Selling a Franchised Business

If you own a franchised business there will come a time when perhaps you wish to sell your franchise. When selling a franchise this is called a Franchise Transfer in franchising legal terms. You will be selling your rights in the current term of the franchise agreement to another party. The transfer must be approved […]

50% of Venture Capital Investment is Lost – Deployment of the Right Patent Analytics Can Improve Odd

The Skinny on the Quality of Venture Capital-Related Investment Decisions If you are a counselor of venture capital firms or entrepreneurs who owning start-up companies that are targets of venture capitalists, you might already be familiar with the high rate of failure associated with such investments. Nonetheless, you may be surprised to find out that […]

How To Make The Best Use of It

In its simplest form, communication is a system for sending and receiving messages. And when we do any of that within the workplace, as we do every day, we have “workplace communication”. How do we make the best use of it? To understand what workplace communication is, one needs to first understand what communication itself […]